How Splankna Works

Subconscious Catalog
The subconscious mind catalogues one’s life experiences like a hard-drive in a computer. The emotions felt during painful life experiences are stored physiologically in the body like electrical charges.

Trigger Mechanisms
Psychological symptoms are understood to be the result of a current life experience “triggering” an older stored emotional charge resulting in some form of overreaction.

The body is capable of resolving or releasing these stored emotional charges so that the “fuel” behind a symptom is no longer present. God has created us perfectly and has provided many ways to heal.  One of those is the utilization of the mind-body connection.  Energy Psychology is a way to access and treat these stored emotional charges through a process unclaimed by the Christian community””until now.

God-Given Treatments
Muscle-testing (adapted from applied kinesiology) can be used to access this stored emotional content. Any major muscle in the body (deltoid in our case) that is fairly well isolated, will respond to electrical/energetic shifts that go off in the body.

Since the subconscious mind has all of the person’s life experiences catalogued, a practitioner can ascertain the root emotion that is fueling a particular symptom. In addition, the practitioner can find when the emotion occurred and where the emotion is stored in the body. These emotions are then resolved on the energetic level and the fuel behind the symptom is neutralized.

Healing Protocol
Spiritual warfare plays a role in client symptoms. When traumas occur in our lives, our enemy capitalizes on our vulnerability by offering significant lies or vows to the deep heart. Sometimes our hearts are deceived and we agree for coping strategies or with symptoms themselves.

In the Healing Protocol we ask God to reveal the significant vow or lie that the client adopted in conjunction with the identified trauma. We assist the client in repenting of the those vows and breaking agreement with them. In this way, every effort is made to resolve the symptom from every angle; Spiritually, Emotionally & Physically.

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