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Our Unique Protocol

When it is identified that a particular emotion is stored in the body from a trauma and is fueling a symptom, (i.e. the loss of my mother is fueling my depression), mind-body work facilitates the body’s own ability to release that stored emotion on the physiological level, thus removing some of the fuel behind the symptom. There are over a dozen current styles of getting this done in the field of holistic psychology. What they all have in common is that they use some form of what we call “Circuitry + Intention.” By “Circuitry” we mean some way to physically access/manipulate the body’s storage system (Acupuncture System). By “Intention” we mean having the client focus on, imagine, remember, think about, the emotion, trauma or symptom. When you put these together…some form of circuitry and client intention, the body is facilitated to resolve/release the stored emotion. The following are brief descriptions of our three styles of “Circuitry.”

Direct Access
The main style of circuitry used by the Splankna Protocol is what we call “direct access.” This simply means that the practitioner has the client touch the point on their body where a trauma emotion is thought to be stored. While touching that meridian point, the client thinks about the emotion felt during the traumatic memory. This simple, direct combination of circuitry + intention allows the body to release the electrical charge of the emotion on the physiological level.

Algorithms & Bi-laterals
One of the unique elements of the Splankna Protocol is the elegant combination of algorithm work and bi-lateral brain stimulation. The Splankna Practitioner will walk the client through the tapping algorithm, moving quickly from one acupuncture point to another while the client focuses on the particular trauma or emotional content. Bi-lateral eye movements are inserted at the end of each algorithm sequence. The client continues to tune into the trauma content while following the practitioners fingers in a rapid bi-lateral pattern, assisting the brain in resolving “stuck” trauma processes.

It is well known by those who teach bi-lateral brain hemisphere stimulation for healing, that there is a potential for the client to feel re-traumatized. This is due to the remarkable power of bi-lateral stimulation (especially through eye movement) to call up a stored trauma to the conscious mind. God knew (even though we didn’t) that when the bi-lateral stimulation is added only at the end of the algorithm process (Splankna’s protocol), this potential for over-stimulation is almost completely eliminated.

Another unique element of the Splankna Therapy Protocol is the dependance on prayer. Splankna’s assumption is that if we invite the Spirit of God to do whatever he’d like to do in our hearts… He will.

Every session begins with a prayer first of submission to God’s will. Practitioner and client both submit spirit, soul and body to God and ask Him to melt down the will wherever it it set against Him. They ask Him to handle all warfare that relates to them and lock it under His feet. They ask Him to provide the resources they need in order to partner with Him and any specific blessing or annointing necessary for the work.

Depending on the presenting problem and on the practitioner, there will be several other elements to this prayer, but it always ends with inviting the Spirit of God to search through all the “hidden places” in the client (in the heart posture of Proverbs 18 & 20). They invite God to choose the place in the client’s timeline where He would like to work. The Holy Spirit marks the place where he wants to work and the Practitioner and client follow that lead.

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