Expect Change

“No change, huh?” It’s amazing how often this happens… client comes into the office, settles into my deep, canvas couch and I ask some form of the usual question: “So, what’s your progress? Update me!” I’m expecting there to be real healing and change for the client...

Is Fear Really A Liar?

Zach Williams’ recent song, “Fear Is A Liar” has been sweeping the airwaves.  It obviously touches a universal nerve.  Is fear really a liar though?  When we look at our God and how he reveals himself in scripture, we see him expressing all kinds of emotion.  He feels...


Why Call It “Master’s” Training? At the Splankna Institute we have our anticipated Master’s Training coming up in three weeks. It’s our third and highest training level for the Splankna Protocol. But why do we call it “Master’s,” when we all know that nobody is ever...

Muscle Testing, Functional or Fake

Muscle testing (applied kinesiology) is based on the theory that any major muscle will respond to electrical/energetic shifts that go off in the body. Since everything has a frequency, it is theorized that the body naturally reacts in congruence or incongruence (match...

Off Limits for Christians

Off Limits For Christians… Most Christians think of the world as having two “camps.” There’s all the “good stuff” that Christians should engage with and then there’s the “bad stuff,” the things that are off limits for Christians. Opinions differ widely on which things...
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