King of the World

As a Splankna Practitioner, I start my sessions by asking the client, “What’s going on with you? What would you like to work on?” I often hear people questioning God. “Why did he allow this?” “Why hasn’t he healed this?” Sometimes the questions are genuine desires to...

Unique Recipe

When my first son was born, the hospital offered to post a picture of him on their website, these were the days before social media. Along with his picture and details of his weight and height, I could add a phrase. I had them put “God was just showing off when he...


I saw a video on the Internet about privilege.   Maybe you’ve seen it. If not you can watch it here: In the video the leader has everyone line up on a line and says they’re going to race for $100. He then proceeds to say...

Unexpected Lesson

I was very upset. Our ministry had been attacked again. I was frustrated by how people speak with authority on subjects where they are not fully educated. They were speaking in ignorance and they were wrong about us. But mostly, I was sad. I was sad because of the...


I walked into the gym 15 minutes before the game started. I looked around to find my daughter. When my eyes found her, I saw her looking back at me. She had a basketball in her hand and looked to be waiting for my attention before she took her practice shot. She shot...
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