I’m not David

I have been meeting with a group of women for about 4 years. We get together once a week and study God’s word. This past month we have been working through a book called Goliath Must Fall,by Louie Giglio. We all loved it! If you have not read it, I would encourage you...


I am SO grateful that God brought Splankna into my life. -I only wish it was sooner! Thank you for an unbelievably enriching and educational training weekend; for fostering encounters with the loving father. I simply do not have the right words to describe how...

New way of living and breathing

Testimony time. I took my almost 16-year-old daughter in for a Splankna session. She has Down syndrome and had a traumatic start to life. Shortly after birth, she had to be taken by flight for life to a pediatric hospital that had level IV trauma care. She had six...

Who Am I

Who Am I In an attempt to hide my gray from the world, but mostly from myself, I color my hair often. I’ve done this for many years.  Today it is a mix of multiple layers of browns and blondes. People ask me all the time where my daughter got her long dark hair. I...
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