Canceled Flight

I wanted to let you know something that happened last night. I got to the MCI airport to find that my flight had been cancelled. I’m currently sitting at the airport now waiting for my rescheduled 4:20 flight this afternoon. Well, I was bummed. But I booked a...

Client Testimony

The Holy Spirit has used Splankna to teach me why I react the way I do. While there are inquiries into past events, it differs from conventional talk therapy in that the events themselves, rather than tedious detail, are simply recalled. The Holy Spirit has used this...

Splankna Testimony

I had a traumatic brain injury August 1, 2015 after falling head first into a boulder while hiking. The journey to recovery was long and exasperating. I developed vestibular migraines on top of regular migraines, which were triggered from reading. I was unable to work...

I’m not David

I have been meeting with a group of women for about 4 years. We get together once a week and study God’s word. This past month we have been working through a book called Goliath Must Fall,by Louie Giglio. We all loved it! If you have not read it, I would encourage you...


I am SO grateful that God brought Splankna into my life. -I only wish it was sooner! Thank you for an unbelievably enriching and educational training weekend; for fostering encounters with the loving father. I simply do not have the right words to describe how...
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