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    Requirement #1
    30 Logged Hours of Splankna Therapy

    Did you turn in 30 logged hours?

    Requirement #2
    Attended Advanced Splankna Training

    Have you attended Advanced Training?


    Requirement #3
    Online Splankna Ethics Course

    Have you completed the online Splankna Ethics Course?

    Date Completed?

    Please indicate the exact spelling of your name as you would like it to appear on your certificate.
    (remember to include middle initials or licensure prefixes if preferred.)

    Name on certificate
    Your Email

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    Splankna Practitioners Guide

    Get the complete Guide to becoming a Splankna Practitioner


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    Things covered in the Guide include:


    1 - Benefits of becoming a Practitioner 

    2 - Training Schedule

    3 - Investment


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    Splankna Revoking Lies

    Get the Revoking Lies guide


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    You'll learn how to:


    1 - Revoke the lies that are holding you back 

    2 - Accept the Truth

    3 - Heal Your Heart


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