Frequently Asked Questions

What is Splankna?

Splankna is a training institute for Christian counselors, lay counselors, and believers who are passionate about healing. It offers the first Biblically based protocol for holistic psychology. “Splankna” is New Testament Greek for “bowels.” In poetry and literature, the term was used in the first century the way we use the word “subconscious” today…  like a “gut sense,” or “deep awareness.”  The treatment protocol taps into the subconscious root of symptoms.

Why do they use the word "energy"?

At the quantum level of creation (the super small), everything is in motion. All the sub-atomic particles that makeup everything are buzzing. “Energy” is the word physicists use to describe the unknown cause of that movement. As believers we know it’s the active will of God that keeps them in motion, but that action is hardly the sum of Him. God remains distinct from His creation even though He does continually animate it.s.

What is mind-body psychology?

Mind-body psychology uses the same system in the body that Acupuncture and Chiropractic are based on to alleviate psychological trauma. The body plays a part in storing emotional trauma. Mind-body psychology goes through the body door to help clients release the trauma. It’s wonderfully effective to bring body, soul & spirit together in the healing process.

What is Muscle Testing?

Muscle testing is based on the theory that any major muscle will respond to electrical shifts that go off in the body.  All thoughts have a frequency on the sub-atomic level.  So when I ask a question, the frequency of my meaning passes between us and it hits your body as a “match” or “mismatch.” When your body responds with congruence to an idea, it shifts your electrical system and that shift shows up in the muscle. For instance, if I asked whether the root emotion around a particular trauma is “anger,” if your own subconscious database is congruent with that idea (frequency), the muscle will respond as well (weak vs. strong).  Because the body naturally responds to ideas this way, a muscle test can be used as a crude little yes/no tool. Muscle testing is not a perfect tool, but still a useful one as long as it is covered under prayer. There are several things that can cause a muscle to react and truth is just one of them, so you always have to take a muscle test with a heavy grain of salt.

Is it like EMDR?

Yes, but it goes even further. It incorporates EMDR along with two other mind-body treatments, TFT (Thought Field Therapy, or EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique, and NET – Neuro-Emotional Technique).

Where is this in the Bible?

This isn’t directly mentioned in the Bible, but then neither is electricity!  The Bible is inerrant, but not exhaustive.  In Splankna training they talk about John 1 and Hebrews 1 where scripture tells us that all things are sustained by the active will of God. On the sub-atomic level of creation, everything is in motion. God’s active will causes that. He wills the particles to buzz so they do! Amazingly, He has designed us so that our will and intention also affects those particles. When we do Splankna Therapy we’re just doing it on purpose.

Who developed Splankna?

Splankna Therapy was developed by Sarah Thiessen. She is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and a Licensed Professional Counselor.  She earned both her bachelors and masters degrees from Abilene Christian University in Texas. Her background is in the Church of Christ.  She authored the apologetic on this topic: “Splankna;  The Redemption Of Holistic Healing For The Kingdom Of God“, and co-authored “UpperDogs; Christians Have The Advantage.  It’s Time To Take It” with Heather Hughes, Splankna’s Assistant Director.

Can I experience this as a client?

Yes! Click this LINK to Find a Practitioner nearest to your area. If you do not find anyone close to you, email Right now we have over 650 active practitioners around the country (and a few in Canada, Mexico, and China) but not everyone is in the website’s database. Session fees will vary.

Who can be trained as a Practitioner?

We invite everyone who believes in Jesus as Lord to be trained in Splankna. The field of mind-body psychology is unregulated (so far) so we are legally allowed to train those without licensure in mental health, although the training content is geared toward those in healing fields. Currently, we are not approved by the NBCC to offer CEU’s because we train non-licensed individuals. However, we do offer the necessary form for you to turn in to your CEU body. Depending on the state and organization, some accept hours from our institute and some do not.  The age limit for training is 20yrs.

Can this be done with Non-christians?

Yes. Different forms of energy psych are done with non-Christians all over the world. That said, Splankna is deeply rooted in prayer and the lead of the Holy Spirit. During training, we discuss the different issues that arise in working with non-Christians.

Who can I contact with additionl questions?
You can find contact information for the Splankna staff on our Contact Us page. 

For any questions, contact or 888-958-0730, ext “Supervision.” Heather Hughes heads up our on-going supervision department and she’s quick to respond, by email or phone.ns.

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