Bitterness is more than meets the eye. It is a demonic stronghold. If you struggle with a bitter heart, it will not break by simple willpower. Bitterness is unforgiveness that has gone deeper, hardened and then become an automatic response. A bitter heart needs Jesus himself to break it down. How do you know if you’re bitter? Ask yourself this question: how readily do you find yourself feeling truly happy for others… really enjoying their successes and blessings, being glad for them? If that’s a struggle, if you find that you tend to feel more resentful than happy for others, more jealous than glad for them, then bitterness is in play.

What do you do? Confess it before God. Then ask him to snap in half like a twig. Ask him to show you that others are just as broken and limited and hurting as you are… that the people you resent are fallen. People who have betrayed you are as captive to their sinful nature as you are to yours. The people who seem to “have it all” are longing and empty, just like you. In order to stay bitter, I have to keep others on a pedestal. I have to tell myself “they should’ve behaved better,” or “they have everything I want.” But both are lies. No one is able to “do better” than you are. We are all entirely dependent on the grace of God. And no one “has it all.” The wealthiest, most famous and most accomplished still struggle with the emptiness and longing of this life.

Let this be the day you allow God to break your stronghold of bitterness. Let me align you with his own grace toward us, so you can pass it on.

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