My daughter turned 10 this year and for the first time, she’s really getting into the spirit of giving gifts this Christmas. Up until now she’s only been aware of Christmas as the time when she receives them. “Mom! I gave Maddie the glass dolphin I got her and she was...

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Revoking Lies

Years ago when I was disciplining my son, he said, “I know you hate me and think I’m stupid.” In the moment, I thought he was just being dramatic. Then I noticed a pattern over the next couple weeks. Every time my husband or I disciplined him he would repeat that same...

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Let’s Talk Witchcraft

All things belong to the Lord. He’s clear about that. And inside of that reality, he still gives limitations. Scripture condemns witchcraft for instance, and yet there are times in biblical history where God’s people are commanded to do things that would seem to the...

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Highlights from our China trip

The way this trip came about was completely miraculous. A prayer that revealed the meaning behind a recurring dream to an invitation in less then 3 months, followed by receiving the funds in 2 days to a trip within a few weeks. Amazing how God works. We could not deny...

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Sabotage to Redemption

For years now, I’ve noticed a pattern. I have this self-sabotage thing going on. Whenever I make a plan to get healthy, to get in shape, or do something that will improve my health and livelihood. Something always happens. Some kind of physical symptom… years ago when...

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Let’s Talk Imago

“Imago Theory” is about attraction, about chemistry. It’s a theory about why we’re attracted to one person and not another. It was developed and popularized by Harville Hendrix in his book, “Keeping The Love You Find.” The theory asserts that we all form something...

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Watching Outlander recently. I’m struck by the drudgery and manual labor that were a normal day-in-the-life even as near as 100 years ago. Up until very recently the world had never significantly changed. People worked the land and home from sun up to sun down to keep...

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Do you want to be healed?

Do you want to be healed? Could you be your own block to freedom? Jesus asked, “Do you want to be well?” in John 5. Why, because even when it comes to healing God is not going to override our free will.  We need to be on board. The question is... Do you want to...

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