We live in a world that responds to emotional problems with medication. The plethora of anxiety medications can be helpful to varying degrees but they also come with their own lists of side effects.

There is another way to cure anxiety; resolve it at the root.

Mind-body psychology can help a person find the original root to anxiety. No one struggles with anxiety for no reason. Everything has a reasonable beginning place, even if it has been passing down a family line. Splankna Therapy can help identify the beginning place of anxiety and resolve it at the root, assisting the body in releasing anxiety like a frequency.


If a person touches the place on the body where an emotion is stored while tuning into the original trauma that started it up, the body can release the emotional charge that has been attached to the memory.

Let’s look at a simple phobia. If I was attacked by a dog in second grade, I might develop a life-long fear of dogs. There is no amount of talking myself out of that fear that will be effective. The best I can do with conscious effort is to get better and better over time and managing the strong fear trigger when it rises up. But I can’t logic my way out of the reaction altogether.

Mind-body psychology helps the client identify where the fear began and where it is being stored in the body. In this case, the fear began in second grade when the dog attacked. If the client holds the acupuncture point that corresponds to the body’s storage of the original memory/fear, while thinking about the original trauma, the body is facilitated in releasing that emotion like a charge of electricity. The result will be that while the original memory stays in tact, the emotional anxiety attachment is resolved. So in current life, a dog will no longer trigger the same intense anxiety reaction. The client will feel calmer around a dog.

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