A weakness of the inner healing movement in Christianity in the last twenty years has been a tendency to over-literalize the concept of the “inner child.”  It’s important to remember that while the metaphor of “inner child” is a useful one, it is still a metaphor and not a literal reality.  God doesn’t make us with several souls, just one with different aspects.  When we take this metaphor too literally it can give an opening to the enemy’s campaign for shattered souls, for dissociative symptoms of all kinds.
Once a client of mine was practicing “inner healing” through “conversations” with his own “inner child.”  These conversations became more and more lively until he eventually began to hallucinate and see these little selves externally.  He began to be tormented by these images and their messages to him. 
I’m not saying that it’s demonic to use the inner child model.  I’m just reminding us all that it is just a metaphor.  You don’t have a real inner child within.  You have a soul that remembers… that carries your old hurts and fears.  Attend to those of course.  Nurture and parent your own heart well.  Just don’t start thinking your inner child has its own DNA.
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