“Reiki” energy healing is a model where the practitioner moves their hands over the client’s body in order to manipulate/re-order the body’s energy movement. The Reiki practitioner is intending to do the same thing that an acupuncturist is doing.

Acupuncture needles are placed in points along one of the body’s Meridian lines (or energy lines). These lines in the body are like currents in water. At the subatomic level of creation everything is in motion. That motion has order/structure in the body. The movement of energy in the body has something like currents in water that have come to be called “meridians.” When an acupuncturist places needles alone a meridian line, he is attempting to help the body’s energy flow to re-order and strengthen. The assumption is that if the energy meridian that corresponds to a particular organ/joint, etc is strengthened, then that area of the body will self-correct. It will return to better health. So the acupuncture needles are like little antennas, re-drawing the energetic current in the body.

A Reiki practitioner is intending to do this same kind of meridian strengthening. The difference is that the Reiki practitioner is moving the energy with the hands and with their intention rather than with needles. The hands are held above the body. The Reiki practitioner sees the meridian lines in their minds’ eye and usually can feel the energy current in the palm of the hands (something like heat or vibration). The hands are the moved along the body’s meridian line (several inches above the body) in an effort to help the energy move along better, thus assisting the body in greater health.

There are two problems with Reiki:

1. The lack of touch is unwise. There is something legal and rightful in touch. Jesus instructed us to lay on hands and modeled that for us. To attempt to cause something “remote” with touch or intention is to leave an opening to demonic influence that is both unnecessary and unwise. If the Reiki practitioner is touching the body (rather than several inches above), it is a much better/wiser practice.

2. Secondly, and much more seriously, Reiki practitioners commonly call upon their spirit guides to help them both feel and manipulate the body’s energy. This third party access is demonic. Any time a supernatural or “ascended” entity is pursued for knowledge or power, one is outside of God’s boundaries, practicing witchcraft and idolatry. Calling on any “spirit guide” that is not the one Spirit of the Living God is inviting demonic influence no matter how helpful, wise or benevolent they may initially seem.

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