Years ago when I was disciplining my son, he said, “I know you hate me and think I’m stupid.” In the moment, I thought he was just being dramatic. Then I noticed a pattern over the next couple weeks. Every time my husband or I disciplined him he would repeat that same sentence.

One day as he was stomping up the stairs and repeating that same phrase. I stopped him mid-way up the stairs and asked, “Why do you keep saying that?” He paused and thought for a minute and he said, “I just keep hearing it.” I explained to him that it was a lie and we needed to revoke it. After we prayed to revoke the lie he never said that again.

It’s so important for us to identify the destructive lies in our lives. We need to identify them and remove them. This can be done in such a simple process.

Really it’s just 3 simple steps.

Step 1. Revoke the lie.

Confess and repent that you believed that lie. Repent that you allowed it to shape how you see yourself, the world, others, God, etc. Pull the lie out of your heart like a substance and remove the lie from your heart and mind.

Step 2. Accept the truth.

Ask God to show you the truth, to speak truth into your heart. Ask the Lord to write the whole truth. He knows all truth and we don’t. Ask him to write HIS truth in your heart.

Step 3. Heal your heart.

Ask God to heal your heart and everything that was affected by believing that lie. Be specific. He can heal your heart, soul, body, relationships, etc.

My son’s prayer looked like this:

“Lord God, I confess that I believed this lie that mom and dad hate me and that I’m stupid. I repent of believing that lie and the affect it had on my own heart and in our relationship. I revoke that lie and ask you to pull it out of my heart. I accept the truth that mom and dad love me and that you love me. I accept that I am made in your image and that I’m not stupid. I ask you God to write the whole truth in my heart. I invite you to heal my heart completely. I ask you to heal my self-image and my relationship with my parents. Thank you Jesus, Amen.”



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