We can learn from others, we can learn from their success and failure. There is so much to learn and experience, it’s great to have people in our lives that can share their wisdom and understanding. I’m thankful for these influences daily.

When it comes to deciding if something is from the Lord, if something is good or evil… do not take someone else’s word for it. Sure hear what they have to say (seek wise counsel) and take it into consideration. But when it comes to your final decision or belief don’t let someone else’s word be your final word. No matter how much you love and respect them, they are not all knowing, all wise and without prejudice… none of us are.

Before you speak out against someone or organization, make sure YOU have done your homework. Be sure you have all the facts. This is vitally important within the body of Christ. Lets be defined as thinkers, as reliable, as loving and welcoming… not as haters, boycotters, self-righteous judges, etc.

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