You would think that I would eventually be less affected by being slammed by some critic on the internet but its still rough.

Jesus said that if they hated him, they will hate us. The ones who hated him were mostly the religious ones. They’re the ones who crucified him. It’s the religious ones who slam us too. They make eloquent arguments proving how Splankna is evil and destroying the faith.

I know it’s true what I always say, that you can’t do anything of consequence without ticking somebody off, but in the heat of it, it’s still hard to accept.

I think about all the scenes we’ve watched in movies of someone innocent walking through an accusing crowd. We watch in compassion as they’re derided, confident in their eventual justification. But when you are the person walking through that crowd, it’s a different story. In the movies we have the bird’s eye perspective. We know that the character is in the right. But in real life you don’t have that same clarity.

When someone accuses me of making up empty arguments, or being deceived, I can get hooked by doubt. My judgment isn’t perfect. I’m as vulnerable to being wrong as anyone else. “What if they’re right?” can ring in my head.

Thankfully, I have more to stand on than opinion.

God’s blessing has been so rich and so consistent throughout these years of developing and teaching Splankna. There is simply no other explanation for the healing we have witnessed except for the partnership and blessing of the Lord, the great physician, the great counselor.

So every time someone calls us a name, raises arguments against us or curses us, I have to lean on the evidence. I’m so deeply thankful that it is uncontestable.

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