Extreme Ownership is a book that comes highly recommended by a lot of people.  It’s written by two former Navy Seals who use their time fighting in Ramadi to illustrate the principles they now teach to companies.  Here’s my biggest takeaway:

I have often felt like a good percentage of my life and my responsibilities were outside of my control.  It seemed like I had control of 60% of what was happening but then there was another 40% that just got handed to me.  That could feel pretty disparaging and then you can walk around feeling like you’re vulnerable or more like a victim.  But here’s the good news:  If you look at it differently, you actually have 100% control of YOUR ROLE in EVERY SITUATION.  In other words, although I can’t control what other people do nor what circumstances come my way, I can control MY RESPONSE to them.  And the Lord ONLY expects me to do my part anyway.  He doesn’t ask me to do His part or anyone else’s part.  When partnering with the Lord to bring healing and help to others, I must remember that I ONLY have MY PART to play in the greater story.  Relax in that reality!

This truth allows me to confidently put the emphasis back on leaning in to do my part, trusting the Lord to do His part, and then [rightfully] assuming that the Lord will direct through whatever circumstance comes my way.  I don’t know if that feels freeing to you, but to me it totally takes away a block of fear and victimization.  We only have our position that we are to play.

God bless each one of you!  You are doing the work of the ministry and investing into eternity.  May the Lord richly prosper you in this work and in the peace of knowing both the Author of peace and the position of peace.
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