I am SO grateful that God brought Splankna into my life. -I only wish it was sooner!

Thank you for an unbelievably enriching and educational training weekend; for fostering encounters with the loving father. I simply do not have the right words to describe how thankful and grateful I am. I truly believe our lives will change immeasurably from this point forward. I can’t wait to see the secrets buried within our hearts of which God reveals through Splankna!

 I have been taking Spirit Ministry classes for over 3 years now, and in one weekend you were able to put pieces together that have never felt complete throughout the years.  As the rocks cry out, so has my spirit in search of ways to bring freedom to the captives. For me Splankna is the perfect tool to deliver freedom in Christ to the endless sea of brokenness.

During class I unlocked and journeyed through some very negative emotions. I feel like a completely different person within one weekend after being delivered from enemy lies – as though an elephant was removed from my back.  My insides are performing endless cartwheels of joy!  Amazing!

Today my eldest daughter and I had a Splankna session together, during the session, she was also able to banish lies of the enemy and experience a new freedom she has never felt.  Her response was, “Now I understand what the Bible means when it says you shall soar like an eagle. I am completely new!”

Thank you for improving our lives towards the likeness of Christ.

Forever grateful. 

With Love and Blessings,
~Splankna Practitioner

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