A call to redeem the field of energy healing for the Kingdom of God and a blueprint for how to go about it.

We live in a time of remarkable discovery. The world of quantum physics is revealing that the sub-atomic, “energetic” level of creation relates directly to our health both physically and emotionally. Rapid and effective healing treatments of many kinds have arisen out of this discovery but they have been developed from a New Age worldview. Subsequently, these advances have been considered off limits for the Christian community. But the Splankna Therapy Institute is changing that.

In this groundbreaking book Sarah J. Thiessen teaches us how to think redemptively in our current healing culture. Grounded in scripture, she walks the reader through the two main arguments against the Christian’s use of energy healing techniques: New Age and witchcraft. She leaves the reader with new clarity and empowerment.

The energetic level of creation belongs to God. It’s time He got the credit for it.


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