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In every moment, every situation, every relationship, every idea, or possibility, Christians have the upper hand. We are the ones who know the truth. We are the ones for whom death has lost its sting, rendering all threats empty. We are the ones with the ear of Him who holds all resource, all potential, all power, and authority, and who has seen the story to its end and called it “good.” We have all that every human being needs. We cannot truly be deceived, stolen from, humiliated, or killed. We are the upper dogs in the great story of the universe.

Our God invites us to actively reign with him, to be powerful ambassadors and productive partners, but we’ve been confused about the mechanisms of partnership with him. We’ve underestimated our role in the story. What does it look like on a Tuesday morning to be an ambassador of the living God? What is happening when we pray? How does creation itself speak to the issue of faith and its development?

UpperDogs takes a convicting and inspiring ride through these questions. You will come away walking a little bit taller, and you will never pray the same way again.

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