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Feeling stuck and powerless to change? 
Splankna is a results driven, mind-body protocol 
that is centered around Jesus.
Our clients change… fast.

Even when methods like counseling and deliverance have let them down,
Splankna Clients experience new levels of freedom,
strength and connection with God.


Get To The Root

Stop addressing the symptoms and get to the root of the issue

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Start seeing change in your heart, your behaviors and your relationships

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Engage your calling and live
a life of impact

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“I’ve Tried everything else!”

You may know someone who has suffered for many years or maybe you have yourself.  In your search for healing, you or a loved one may have tried counseling, chiropractors, doctors, healing prayers and even medication but nothing has had a lasting effect.

You may still be hurting but are unsure about how to resolve your pain. While the doctors don’t know what’s wrong, you know you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired. You’ve started to believe that real change cannot happen.

You may even believe you’re failing as a Christian when things don’t heal.  But there is hope.


At the Splankna Therapy Institute, you can finally get to the original root of the issue. We believe you can find your breakthrough and live a better life. We also believe you can do both without spending a lot of time or money.


While developing the Splankna protocol over the last 20 years, we’ve witnessed a number of different issues resolved, including anger, anxiety, addiction, sexual problems, depression, autoimmune disorders, and spiritual issues.


Kevin’s mom can relate. After consulting with traditional doctors, and many, many prayers, she felt led to Splankna.  


“My son Kevin sustained a head injury in an accident when he was three years old. Physically, he healed quickly but emotionally he was in real trouble. He started experiencing panic attacks and obsessive and irrational behaviors. The doctors told me the only remedy was medication. My husband and I refused to mask his symptoms by drugging him. We still praise God for leading us to Splankna Therapy! Through work with a Splankna practitioner, we were able to gently free my son from the fear, mistrust, and panic that controlled his life. His healing still brings tears to my eyes. I have my boy back!”


Barbara has also experienced the power of Splankna.  


“I now have the freedom to walk in the fullness of Christ’s authority and power! As a side note, I woke up on Saturday morning free from a severe pain in my neck that had caused me to attend physical therapy and have chiropractic care for over a year!”


If you need to get to the root of an issue, click the button below to find a Splankna practitioner near you.


Schedule your appointment and move one step closer to finding your breakthrough. It is possible to live a better life, to have better relationships and to achieve both faster than you think may be possible.


Break through to a better life.

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Get to the root and enjoy the breakthrough you’ve been
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What our Clients are Saying…

I am feeling so much better since our work together. Thank you again and again! Many things have changed, things that were hidden from me. I am so thankful and feel I can enter this next phase of my life with new strength.


Through God’s leading, my practitioner has helped me become aware of burdens, some of which, I have carried for 30 years! I am so grateful for Splankna. I have a new life; a new mental health after 25 years of being a victim to mental illness.

Steva Goree

“Will this Really Work?”

Splankna work brings together the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of an issue all at once.  This “whole person” approach can often facilitate change at a deeper level than more traditional methods.  Of course, no methodology hits a home run every time, but when body, soul and spirit work together, the potential for change is maximized.  


During the 20 years we’ve been practicing and developing Splankna, the most common questions we hear is, “What makes this protocol so effective?”

Splankna works through a unique combination of spirit, soul, and body all working in concert. Traditional modalities can fall short as they typically address only one to two of the three aspects of the human being. However, when you address the root of a problem from all three angles at once, remarkable change occurs.  

You see, emotion has a physiological component that is typically missed in other modalities.  We can talk about a problem for years and never see change if the body is still holding on to the associated emotions.

The mind-body work of the Splankna protocol offers a solution.  An informed combination of activating the emotional storage points on the body, while tuning into the trauma content, allows the body to let go of stored emotion at the frequency level.

As Christians, we know spiritual issues also play a role in our symptoms. The traumas we experience introduce destructive lies and coping strategies that are difficult to overcome.

During a Splankna Therapy session, we lean into the lead of the Holy Spirit for indispensable direction in identifying these lies and replacing them with the truth.

One of our clients, Barbara Morrish, explains it this way.

“During our session, I walked through confession, repentance, forgiveness, breaking partnership with the lies, and with the formal agreement I had made with myself. That demonic force was bound and disempowered. I have the freedom to walk in the fullness of Christ’s authority and power!”

If you’re ready to replace lies with truth and break agreement with destructive coping strategies, click the button below to find a Splankna practitioner near you.

Schedule your appointment and move one step closer to finding your breakthrough. It IS possible to live a better life, to have richer relationships and to achieve both faster than you think.

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