A Christian Mind-Body Protocol for Emotional Healing
Splankna Practitioners Make a Difference
Creating real change in the wellbeing of others through
a deeper connection with God
Partner with God
Grow in Christ and experience the lead of the Spirit in real time
Mind-Body Protocol
A more complete approach combining body, soul and spirit
Measurable Change
Bring clients to the root of issues for measurable, lasting change

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“Can I promote real change for people?”
You want to provide more effective counseling and make an impact in people’s lives in the church. More than anything, you want to see actual, measurable results. So it can be frustrating to not see real change in your client’s well-being.

You want to see your clients get well. To live happy and healthy lives. However, instead of seeing real change, it feels more like you’re helping your clients maintain, not actually improve.  

This lack of real change can make you feel hopeless and unable to help your clients.  It doesn’t need to be that way.

At the Splankna Therapy Institute, we understand how powerless you can feel in your ability to promote real change in your client’s lives. We understand this because that is what many of our certified practitioners told us when they came through our training program.

The Splankna protocol, developed over 20 years of actual practice, helps our practitioners use their gifts in the best possible way, by empowering them to make real, measurable changes in their client’s lives in partnership with God.

At Splankna, we know you want to make an impact and you want to help your clients grow closer to God.

This was the case for Jake, a physician, who discovered the transformative power of Splankna.

“As a physician, I had seen countless patients succumb to various psychoemotional/spiritual issues that were beyond their conscious control thus derailing their healing process. As a result, I had been in search of a program that would enable me to unleash everyone’s true potential to walk with God. Well, that modality is Splankna Therapy which I might add has helped me to be a better practitioner, father, husband and fellow human being.   Splankna has allowed me to feel God’s presence on a much grander scale without succumbing to the constant boobie traps that the enemy lays down for us all. Splankna is the most powerful therapy I know of to realize Christ’s gift and serve our fellow man.”   

Jake’s story is not unusual. We have been training Splankna practitioners like Jake for the last 14 years. Splankna will not only help you experience God more personally, but it has been proven to help your clients grow closer to God as well.

If you’re ready to partner with God and learn a new tool that will help you heal and serve more people, click the button below and register for our next training course.

In the Christian life there is joy, healing, and power and with the Splankna protocol in your tool belt, you will be well equipped to bring more of that inheritance into your clients’ lives.

Steps to Creating Real and Lasting Change
Register for Training
Register and then start learning about Splankna
by reading the book
Attend Training
Learn the basics of Splankna and begin to practice the protocol
Make a Difference
See real, measurable change in yourself and those you work with
What our Practitioners are Saying
It is truly miraculous!! I just want to pass on that as I continue to become more experienced in Splankna, it continues to absolutely amaze me how God uses it to bring healing! It is truly miraculous!! Sheila Myers

I love watching Jesus perform miracles in front of my eyes! I thank the Lord everyday for giving you this tool to create and for giving you the direction to teach it to others. Thank you! Chris C.

“I’m seeing transformation in people’s lives!”
Despite your best efforts, the progress you experience with your clients can be slow. You’re not seeing transformation fast enough.   

As a result, you may have started to question whether or not traditional counseling methods can actually have an impact on someone’s life. Maybe even asking yourself questions such as, “Is this the life Jesus came to give me?” Or you may question your own abilities, “Am I capable of helping people?”

Splankna training can change that.

After 14 years of training practitioners at the Splankna Therapy Institute, we know that it’s possible to make a real and lasting transformation in people’s lives.  

The Splankna protocol is a Christian-based holistic approach to resolving trauma and creating change in emotional issues.  

Best of all, our practitioners regularly report witnessing immediate changes in their clients’ lives. Laura Grotenhuis is a Licensed Professional Counselor, who has experienced such immediate shifts.

“Splankna has helped to treat a wide range of DSM diagnoses. One of my clients, a 12-year-old patient with OCD, was participating in two hours of ritualistic checking behaviors each night. After using the protocol he was immediately down to 8 minutes, which gradually extinguished altogether!  I also had a 19-year-old patient, who was experiencing panic attacks. During Splankna therapy he was able to resolve the feelings associated with an unresolved trauma, which ended those attacks. This training has been invaluable.”

Laura is not our only Splankna practitioner experiencing these types of results. Chris has experienced similar results as well.

“A 15-year-old came to me with a diagnosis of Conversion Disorder. She couldn’t walk and her upper body and arms were shaking. Her mother had to practically carry her. We did Splankna and after her second session, she walked into the counseling room!  I thank the Lord everyday for giving you this tool to create and for giving you the direction to teach it to others. Thank you!”

Through Splankna, our practitioners know they can help their clients get well so they can experience real changes in their lives.  What about you? Are you ready to see real transformations in your clients? If so, click the button below and register for our next training course.

Splankna practitioners regularly see real change in their clients. You can learn more about Splankna and how to become a practitioner by downloading the free Splankna Practitioner Guide.

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