At the Splankna Therapy Institute…

We believe there is One God, with personhood.  He is not “energy.”

We believe that He is the God of the Bible and that He created all that is.

We believe that He is both separate from us and hierarchically above us, perfectly sovereign and perfectly good.

We believe that while God continually animates his creation, he remains distinct from it.

We believe that the Bible is inerrant.

We believe that God came in flesh as the second person of the Trinity, Jesus Christ.

We believe that Jesus gave his life on the Cross to account for the sin of mankind, reconcile us back to Himself and to defeat all enemy, sin and death. He rose from the grave and is alive today. Eternal life is only found through faith in him.

We believe He is returning to make all things new and until then, He has given us His Spirit, the third person of the Trinity, as our educator, comforter, empowerer and guide.

We believe there is such a thing as absolute truth and we don’t believe we always know it.

We believe that God desires our wholeness and wants His Glory to shine through each of us. We believe that if we ask Him to move on our hearts in healing,

He will.

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