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I love this book!

“I love this book. What a great writer and thinker she is. Obviously she has thought this through and has a strong balanced Godliness.”

Hellen Borne

Feeling both a bit awed & grateful...

“I’m rereading your précis in explanation of energy & the protocol for healing and feeling both a bit awed & grateful at your careful thinking & communication of the theology of it. Really amazed that you listen to God so well.... Encourages my own. Am having really good results using this & get to be blessed over & over with how The Lord shows up for His people.”

Dr. Judy Bruce

I wanted to write to you and say that your Splankna book has blown my mind away!

“I wanted to write to you and say that your Splankna book has blown my mind away, ignited my spirit with renewed zeal, and has brought faith & hope for future healing in regards to chronic anxiety that I have been suffering from for almost 20 years as a Christian. I just could not put down your book- I read it in two days. I’ve read many books by many Christian authors on various topics - however when I was reading your book my heart just burned with “YES! YES! YES! - the Kingdom of God is to be advanced here too! If anyone has hung around the Holy Spirit for any amount of time, you can no doubt feel Him as the “ghost writer” behind your writings. I am not a therapist, but I work in the marketplace - and I too am stirred to take the “redemptive posture” in all things. By the way - I love that there was a little bit of humor in your writing too, sandwiched in between the weightiness of the topics addressed. I just want to say with true gratitude as a brother in Christ - THANK YOU for your courage in obeying God on the path he has called you to for such a time as this. Jesus said “because of your traditions you have made the word of God of no effect” — Thank you for challenging the Christian community by seeing the dangers of the holy huddle (along with that “throwing the baby out with the bath water”, your case in point) and “intelligently” inspiring the body of Christ to get out and be on the offense.”


Richard J. Mulder

I finished the book today. Wow!

“I finished the book today. Wow! In fact, I am going to read it through again, pen in hand to take some notes. I read it through slowly there is SOO much information in there, succinctly stated and clearly written. So many books either state their point and then restate and waffle to the point of being tedious, or get too complex, but although there was a lot of new information in your book I was able to follow it and took every available opportunity to continue reading. Blessings and thank you for doing so much research and shining the light on all this so very well. I enjoyed your story of research in the maternity ward. Very amusing!”


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