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Splankna Therapy truly rescued me...

“Splankna Therapy truly rescued me, so much so that it’s kind of hard to put into words. I feel like it saved my life. God used this therapy to reveal things about my story and heal me in places that were so shut down and damaged in my body and soul. We’re talking REAL healing here! Places that I highly doubt I could have been brought to through talking alone. I am so deeply thankful. I’ve recommended many many friends of many different circles and philosophies, and all have come away with noticeable change. It’s so exciting to finally see this beautiful gift of God becoming available for more people!”

Aaron M.

We highly recommend Splankna Therapy.

“We were referred to Splankna Therapy in January, 2004, by friends who had been previous clients. We began with family therapy, but as explained in our first meeting, the techniques were not meant for long-term counseling, but for identification and release of all influences contrary to God’s Word. We accomplished our goals quickly and were extremely pleased with the results as well as the process. We continued marriage counseling, as needed, throughout the year, and again, experienced very successful results with Splankna Therapy. We highly recommend Splankna Therapy. It has been a Godsend, and we are truly grateful.”

Mark & Suzanne K.

Effective at leading me on a healing path.

“I began this work because of a dark cloud that colored my days and nights after the death of my wife. The cloud has lightened and been truly lifted and our work together has alleviated fears stemming from a very traumatic year, my fifth, spent 24/7 at a nursery while my mother was quarantined with tuberculosis. Mind-body work has been very effective at leading me on a healing path. With gratitude...”


I wanted a healthy relationship with a partner.

“I started this work because I realized I was only dating alcoholic liars and I didn’t want to end up marrying one. I wanted a healthy relationship with a partner. Over the years, we notice patterns, and who I was attracted to, was becoming more clear, and I was scared for my life and my future. I also had a paralyzing fear of flying which was really a problem for me since I love to travel internationally. That fear is gone completely! I used to get panic attacks, sweaty palms and a racing heart rate. Now all I have is peace and quiet during flights! Through the work we have done on the relationship side, I have noticed real, tangible changes in myself. I feel valuable. I can walk into a supermarket and give a smile to strangers instead of lowering my head as I pass by. My eye contact is better in general. My relationships at work have improved. I find myself less defensive and that makes work a better place. The changes aren’t something we made by saying ok, lets improve your eye contact. Those are side benefits to feeling forgiven/forgiveness, self love, and self worth. I have a long way to go.. I know that. But I am a better Me today than I was before I started this. It has changed my life.”


I am feeling so well since our work together.

“I am feeling so well since our work together. Thank you again and again! Many things have changed, things that were hidden from me. I am so thankful and feel I can enter this next phase of my life with new strength.”


You were correct. I feel... euphoric!

“You were correct. I feel... euphoric! I haven’t been this happy... maybe ever. The smile has not left my face since I left. I feel renewed, refreshed, and primarily “OK” with the parents. This is amazing and I thank God for you! Next session I would like to look at a couple things but in the session you spoke of gifts and not using them the way God intended. Maybe touch on some healing with my brothers and if you could make my hair start growing again that would be great! Thanks you again sooooo much. I feel so blessed God put this in my life!!!”

Scott Jensen

There is a flow of life...never experienced before.

“I am aware of a paradigm shift in my thinking. There is a flow of life in me that I have never experienced before. It is particularly in my abdomen and the left side of my head. The peace of God which passes all understanding resides in me. I know God did deep healing in me last week. The Scriptures are now alive and full of meaning. As far as integration: the best I can describe right now is that I feel “grown up.” I don’t even know what that means fully. I have energy and strength greater than before. I am able to complete tasks (had great difficulty before). I think the evidence of what happened will become more clear over the next weeks and months. I am aware of a new sense of hope and gratefulness. Guilt has been lifted out. I notice a baseline of hatred toward others is gone. (I didn’t know it existed until I was free from it). Emotional dysregulation stopped. The best I can describe: It feel as if my emotions were placed on a monorail. Emotions no longer go to an extreme that slides off into a place of no control; they’ve returned to “center”. I have become aware that healthy relationships and loving others well is important. For the first time: I am able to open my heart to safe people. I have a freedom beyond what I have ever known or thought was possible!”

Maureen Graham

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts forever.

“My name is Shaunna Rice, and I just want to thank you for the wonderful gift of splankna. I have 5 children, and my 7 year old was having anger outbursts that would terrify me. He was setting the house on fire, and threatening to kill me, along with other horrific acts. After one session with a incredible women name Karuna Bowen our son was acting like a child instead of a serial killer. My family almost fell apart and thanks to the wonderful people involved in this wonderful art I can see hope for my family to become whole again. Now I’m not sure if you are the right person to send this to, but I wanted to let someone know how much we appreciate everyone who had a hand in developing or practicing this amazing gift. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts forever.”

Shaunna Rice

God has relieved my depression, pain and spiritual confusion.

“God has relieved my depression, pain and spiritual confusion. Through God’s leading, Heather has helped me become aware of burdens, some of which, I have carried for 30 years. Our best progress came after I prayed for a break-through before our sessions. I am so grateful for Splankna. Confession, muscle testing, repentance, forgiveness and prayers were some tools she used to heal me... I have a new life; a new mental health after 25 years of being a victim to mental illness. I am not quite sure what to do with this gift of freedom?”

Steva Goree

Demonic force was bound and disempowered!

“My dad was a rage-aholic and alcoholic. He was also a sadist. I perceived God in the same light. In fact, when I was 6 years old, I began having panic attacks – thinking that if my hands turned red God would strike me dead – and He would enjoy the process. I would stare at my hands and wait, and wait. I felt powerless in relationship with God and my dad. What happened in this vulnerable state – my wound being the access point for Satan’s lie – was that I believed Satan was all-powerful in my life, too. At this very early age I began to be tormented in my mind and suffered with depression most of my life. During session I walked through confession, repentance, forgiveness, breaking partnership with the lies, and with the formal agreement I had made with myself. That demonic force was bound and disempowered. I have freedom to walk in the fullness of Christ’s authority and power! As a side note, I woke up on Saturday morning free from a severe pain in my neck that had caused me to attend physical therapy and have chiropractic care for over a year!”

Barbara Morrish

History of my life has been re-written!

“I am so grateful for the deliverance that has taken place from my Splankna work. Our work went to a trauma that had to do with my sexual purity. Once it was cleared, it was like I couldn’t even concentrate on the 24 yrs of my life that I had been hauling around the baggage of that agreement. The only reality for me was God’s overwhelming goodness and how far the scale tips in His favor on the positive side. The bad of the enemy swallowed up by the goodness of God. All of the install emotions, and the prayers of blessing over my spirit and soul... it was just so good and it’s still good today. I always felt pure in my mind and from my heart but on a real gut level, I didn’t feel that way. But now it’s like my core has been restored and the very history of my life has been re-written!”

Matthew Clark

Compelled to thank Splankna...

“I feel compelled to take a moment to thank Splankna for allowing me to be broken free from specific strongholds in my life. These barriers kept me from living out the life I had been called to. With their help I have come to understand certain behaviors that had surfaced in my life for many years. We were able to uncover the origins of this behavior which have aided significantly in my healing of myself and close relationships. We prayed scripture and placed the authority of Jesus Christ over me and in me. The more research I do the more I am convinced of the scriptural basis of this therapy. I would and have recommended Splankna to my friends and family and have seen lives changed. My belief is that God is glorified here and that Splankna has tapped into where true healing comes from.”


Experience this amazingly effective tool of God’s healing!

“I am from Ohio and while in Denver visiting my son (who also benefited from Splankna), I grabbed the opportunity to experience this amazingly effective tool of God’s healing. Until that day, much of my life and energy were poured into the agonizing search for how to: find my meaning and purpose in life, relate to others lovingly and genuinely, establish boundaries for my own well-being, just be the healthy, whole person as God created me. That search included devouring self-help books, seminars, counseling, prayer, Bible study, etc. Yet, because of their inherent limitations, all these efforts only helped me to cope in a better way with much work....not ever in a permanent and complete way with liberty and freedom. I am now tasting for the very first time what God has promised us: abundant life, joy unspeakable, peace that passes understanding, my tears bottled, and agape love!”

Beverly Gillespie

We still praise God for leading us to Splankna Therapy!

“When my son, Kevin, was three years old, he sustained a head injury in an accident. Physically, he healed quickly. However, emotionally, he was in real trouble. My bold and brave boy was experiencing panic attacks, as well as obsessive and irrational behaviors. He lived in fear and did not feel safe under anyone’s care, except mine. Traditional doctors told me that the concussion altered his personality, and the only remedy was to medicate my son. My husband and I refused to mask his symptoms by drugging him. We still praise God for leading us to Splankna Therapy! Through various Mind-Body treatments, we were able to gently free my son from the fear, mistrust and panic that controlled his life. His healing still brings tears to my eyes. I have my boy back! He is once again taking on the world around him, bold and brave!”

Kevin’s mom















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