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Unleash everyones’ true potential to walk with God.

“I am a physician and stopped practicing complementary medicine. Because I had seen countless patients succumb to various psychoemotional/spiritual issues that were beyond their conscious control thus derailing their healing process. I was in search of a program that would enable me to unleash everyones’ true potential to walk with God. Well, that modality is Splankna Therapy which I might add has helped me to be a better practitioner, father, husband and fellow human being. I have been in search of healing since 1988 and have done just about every kind of therapy you can imagine and then some. Splankna has allowed me to feel God’s presence on a much grander scale without succumbing to the constant boobie traps that the enemy lays down for us all. If I did nothing more than use this therapy for myself and for my family I would look no further. Splankna is the most powerful therapy I know of to realize Christ’s gift and serve our fellow man.”


I feel so blessed and overjoyed but mostly grateful, truly, truly grateful!!!

“The training was so beneficial for me on so many levels. Being a flower essence practioner for Jesus is an uphill battle in that field. I unfortunately got some of the new age philosophy mixed in even though I was trying to be reeeeally careful. Sarah provided the clarity I needed. I spent a lot of the day after training going through my facebook "likes" and unliking and confessing, breaking ties and sending it to the feet of Jesus. I had also started the certification for the Emotion Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson. I knew he was Mormon and wasn’t sure if that was an issue. After the training I knew it was! Also he uses remote clearing and funny thing I got all the way up to that point and I felt like my motivation just dropped off. I thought I wasn’t following through and being lazy but now I see God was protecting me from continuing and opening those doors. Yikes! I deleted everything from that cert. process, confessed, etc. Yes, I lost money but it is worth it. I love Jesus and want to advance His Kingdom. Splankna is so thorough and complete I couldn’t imagine using any other therapy. God is good and I’m excited for advanced and master training! Thank you, thank you, I feel so blessed and overjoyed but mostly grateful, truly, truly grateful!!!”


I’m excited for more opportunities to come.

“I use Splankna almost daily and often several times a day. People have been entirely receptive to it and have been catapulted forward in their healing because of this work. I have had some wonderful opportunities in rare situations since November to touch others in profound ways through the powerful work of God through Splankna.

Couple examples: A tragic shooting in our city (actually about 3 blocks from my house) where two young men were shot and killed. One of my neighbors, a recently trained paramedic was on his front porch and witnessed the event. He ran to help one young man who was shot. The young man did not survive. The trauma of witnessing the event, being a paramedic (who saves lives) and watching a young man die while his hands were pushing on his chest was pretty overwhelming. This man called me at the advice of my Pastor. We spent three sessions together doing Splankna and not only was his body regulated, but he was able to sleep at night and in the process of the work was able to forgive a person who had broken a significant relationship with him over 9 years ago. He was really moved by the work through Splankna and restored.

A young teenager who I’ve known since she was a child because I have worked with her Mom who is a former crack addict decided to come back and see me for some therapy. She is using marijuana on a regular basis and needs to get rid of the anger inside her so she can be "content." I decided to see if she’d be interested in doing some splankna work. Such powerful work of forgiveness I have rarely seen in adults. This 16 year old was so in tune with the work we were doing. Then she went home and told her Mom what she’d done. This opened some doors for further reconciliation between them.

One more: a woman who suffered a recent victimization and is under the care of victim witness came for therapy to deal with immediate trauma due to being bludgeoned in the head with the butt of a gun by her son. She cannot remember the event, but is fearful, hypervigilant, anxious, sad, depressed. We discussed the idea of doing Splankna. This woman said she believed in God but had no active faith. However, she agreed to work with this therapy and allow God to work on her. After only one session, she was free from anxiety. I asked on a scale of 1 to 10 and she said that there was none. She wanted to do some work on forgiveness because I had mentioned it. She didn’t know what to forgive because she couldn't remember the event, but she wanted to forgive her son fully. After some further work, she was tearful, but relieved that she was not carrying around the burden of her pain and fear of her son. The best part of the session for me was that she said at the end of the session, "So God will really help you figure out all that stuff, huh? I’m impressed." Beautiful opportunity to speak of the relationship she could have with Jesus and his intentional and personal work in her life. I’m excited for more opportunities to come. Sorry I talked your ear off but this has been such a precious gift to me in the healing work of counseling. So excited to a part of the Splankna team.”

Shelley Lopez, LMFT, LPC

This training was excellent.

“This training was excellent. Your thorough research and knowledge of the subject matter was exceptional. Yet even more valuable was your biblically based insight into the realm of New Age and quantum physics, as well as how to steward the Splankna tools carefully. I greatly appreciated your caution and your reminder that we are all vulnerable to establishing idols. It was wise counsel as I pursue the Splankna protocol.Your genuine love, care, and compassion were evident in all that was said and done. You were professional in every way, and your love of God and commitment to His ways broke through some of my own defenses about working with the subconscious. The training staff facilitated all aspects of her their in a caring, professional and capable manner. Also, graciously worked with my partner and me during our difficulties. This workshop has had a most profound impact on my life, and I am certain it will have an exponential effect as I bring it to the "captives and prisoners" of this world!”

Barbara Morrish

I just wanted to tell you how excited I am with this new tool!

“I just wanted to tell you how excited I am with this new tool! I have already used it with one client and a very close friend. Both times I totally fumbled through the process and it didn’t even matter! God is so good. With both people the lie/ vow that was revealed was right on and both were so blessed! Both said they couldn’t wait to share with people they know and are looking forward to further sessions. Although I shouldn’t be surprised because I know the God we serve is so generous and amazing, I was still blown away at how He orchestrated the work and got right into their deep souls in a way that produced greater faith in each of them and affirmed how present He is in each of their stories! I CAN NOT wait for the next training and the advancement of these tools in my repertoire for His purposes to bring freedom and restoration. Thank you again for being so faithful with what He has given you and sharing it with us.

Laura Cravens

God’s gracious work through this tool is a blessing beyond description...

“I wanted to update you on my splankna activity. I recently changed jobs here and I am now the Director of Residential Homes. This position allows me access to all residents, and although counseling is not a directed part of my job description, one of the most enjoyable parts of my job is to do splankna work with the kids. Praise God a million times, I’ve seen children being released and gaining freedom in various parts of their lives, as I and the team here have time to work with them. God’s gracious work through this tool is a blessing beyond description, because, having counseled with kids here before, I was very frustrated with the limitations of traditional talk counseling, and now I am overwhelmed (in a good way) with the opportunity that God has presented to me, and I thank him for answered prayer.”

J. Craig

Shock & awe!

“Denise & I have been using this protocol all week and are in shock & awe!!!”


It is truly miraculous!!

“I just want to pass on that as I continue to become more experienced in splankna,it continues to absolutely amaze me how God uses it to bring healing! It is truly miraculous!!”

Sheila Myers

I love watching Jesus perform miracles in front of my eyes!!

“A 15 year old came to me with a diagnosis of Conversion Disorder. She couldn’t walk and her upper body and arms were shaking. Her mother had to practically carry her. We did Splankna and for her second session, she walked into the counseling room. Her upper body was still and her arms were still shaking. By the third session, using Splankna, only her wrists and hands were shaking. God is the most Awesome God and the Mightest Healer!! I love watching Jesus perform miracles in front of my eyes!! It’s the best job ever! I thank the Lord everyday for giving you this tool to create and for giving you the direction to teach it to others. Thank you!”

Chris C.

This training has been invaluable.

“I am a Licensed Professional Counselor at NCMC Behavioral Health in Greeley. I have taken both Splankna classes and they have helped me immensely in my work as a counselor. The education has helped in treating clients with a wide range of DSM diagnoses. I have many examples of ways that my clients have benefitted from the use of these protocols. One of my clients, a 12 year old patient diagnosed with OCD, was participating in two hours of ritualistic checking behaviors each night. After using the protocol he was immediately down to 8 minutes, which gradually extinguished altogether. Another client, a 17 year old girl diagnosed with Reactive Attachment Disorder and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder experienced brighter affect, decreased sadness and an increase in effective interpersonal skills. I also had a 19 year old patient, who was experiencing panic attacks. During Splankna therapy he was able to resolve the feelings associated with an unresolved trauma, which ended those attacks. These are just a few key examples of benefits that clients have experienced, I could list many more. This training has been invaluable.”

Laura Grotenhuis, LPC, MS, Ed.

God’s willing vessel to step outside of the box ...

“As a registered play therapist I have worked with children with deep trauma issues. After being trained in the splankna protocol I cannot, in good conscience, use any other treatment modality than this. It is more impactful, more efficient and more succinct and the fruit is amazing. I have had parents tell me with tears in their eyes that they now have their child back, the one God created. I now work with attachment disordered children. Previously I was not willing to because of the deep root of those issues and necessity of doing therapy correctly in order to not exacerbate the issues. It gives these families hope where there has been very little. Parents of these children have also been very grateful for the fruit of the work. Teens love this work. In working with adults I also find the same results. Adults may have more hesitancy initially, however, my experience is them finding God meeting them in a way they never expected. The best part of this work is that I have become completely reliant upon the Holy Spirit to guide my client’s healing work. This process has helped me grow in my relationship with Him. I see Him meet people of all ages every day exactly where they need to be met. I also have appreciated Sarah Thiessen’s heart for God. It is obvious that He is teaching her with a willing heart as her work is continually improved as she listens to Him. This work is very rooted foundationally in Him. She has been God’s willing vessel to step outside of the box and bring complete and everlasting healing to those who are suffering.”

Betty Ross, LMFT, LPC.


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