Over the years, I’ve discovered a little more about bitterness and myself. I live my life in a constant state of checking for planks. When I notice a speck in my brother’s life I always wonder where I might be missing a plank. I’m a huge advocate on self-reflection. I often ask myself, “Why do I feel this way? Why am I reacting this way?” etc.

When it comes to noticing bitterness in my heart and life, I’ve spent many hours self-reflecting and asking the Lord, “How did I get here? What allowed this bitterness to grow in my heart?” What I discovered has been extremely useful.

The Lord helped me to see that bitterness grew from being outside of his will. From times when I thought I was doing what was right by giving too much, sacrifices in ways that were out of line with his will. Whenever I did those things, I would begin to feel taken advantage of or taken for granted… which led to bitterness. However, when I was led by the Holy Spirit to do those same kinds of things, I had peace. I felt contentment. Even if I was taken advantage of by people or taken for granted it didn’t affect me. There is something about being in God’s will that detours the heart from bitterness.

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