What is Splankna

Splankna Therapy is the first Christian protocol for mind-body psychology. Mind-body psychology utilizes the same system in the body that acupuncture and chiropractic are based on to alleviate emotional trauma that is physically stored. The Splankna Protocol helps the client identify where the body is holding different emotions related to root traumas.  We have a Level 1 Training, Advanced and Master level.

We welcome all who believe in Jesus and have a passion to see hearts healed.  This is a wonderful tool to add to the skills you already have. It is applicable to nearly any psychological symptom, but it really shines with Post-Traumatic Stress and Anxiety disorders. We’d be glad to answer any questions you have. To discover the basics of how Splankna works, please explore the links to the right.

Splankna Practitioners Guide

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Splankna Revoking Lies

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