References In The Bible

Typically when Christians look for the concepts like these in the Bible they land on the idea of the “breath of life” in the Genesis account. Most of the time when the Old Testament speaks of the “breath of life” it uses the Hebrew word “Ruwach.” Pronounced “Roo-ahk,” it means “spirit” or “breath.” As spirit, it is used to denote the Spirit of God in the Old Testament and occasionally the spirit of a person or even an evil spirit. Another possibility for where the Bible references sub-atomic movement in creation is in the Hebrew word “Chay” (pronounced “Kai”.) It means “alive,” “life,” or “living” in the Hebrew. It is used in conjunction with the Ruwach scriptures where it uses the phrase “the breath of life.” Ruwach is the “breath” and Chay is the “life.” It commonly represents the idea of a whole life or lifespan, i.e., “the six hundredth year of Noah’s life” (Genesis 7:11) Each of these terms have their Greek counterparts in the New Testament such as the term “Pneuma.”

However, the circuitry + intention of Mind-Body Psychology is not manipulating one’s “life force” per se. At Splankna we believe that John 1 speaks more directly to what is happening in mind-body psychology. John explains to his audience that the Logos (typically translated “word” but also accurately translated “active will/intention”) sustains all things. Johns’ audience was familiar with the term “Logos.” They used it culturally to refer to their belief in a universal life force, the cosmic animating principle. John was operating much like Paul in Athens by saying in effect, “What you think is an impersonal force sustaining all things, I introduce to you as the person of Jesus.” It is Jesus who animates all things by his constant will, not some nebulous “force.” Hebrews reiterates this idea… that all things exist, the particles are buzzing with movement, because God actively wills them to.

Quantum physics shows us that our attention also affects those sub-atomic particles. One of the many mysterious properties of the quantum level is that sub-atomic particles cannot be observed with objectivity. As soon as we look at them, our observation changes them. The quantum level gives us some insight into the mechanism behind what we know intuitively; our thoughts affect reality. God has built partnership into humanity. Every thought we think, every emotion we feel contributes to the quantum field around us. When we employ “circuitry + intention” we are just doing it on purpose. It is merely a property of God’s own creation, and we are so grateful for the myriad of ways He has given us to heal.

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