The Mechanism

At the sub-atomic level of creation (meaning smaller than atoms) everything is in motion.  Nothing is as solid as it seems.  This sub-atomic motion has structure within the body.  It is said to move through the body and require order and balance in order to facilitate both emotional and physical health. This structure of sub-atomic motion within the body, called the Meridian System, operates like currents in a stream.

Let’s say you visit an Acupuncturist, for example, with a complaint about a knee. He will place the needles in specific places, some around the knee itself and some in other points. He is placing the needles along the Meridian line that is understood to correlate to the functioning of that knee. Over-simplified, the theory is that the needles will re-draw the sub-atomic current around the knee and correct its flow. If the current is supported and in good working order, it will support the knee in healing.

The sub-atomic level of creation is theorized to permeate everything; like the basic sub-structure of  creation, and it is very mysterious. The sub-atomic world operates in all sorts of bizarre ways, and our current models, though reliable, are still insufficient. For instance, there is Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle. It shows that the position of a sub-atomic particle can be known, and its speed/velocity can be known, but they cannot be known at the same time. Further, particles seem to be capable of being in two different spaces at the same time. If you split one and put half of it in L.A. and the other half in New York and vibrate one of them, the other will also vibrate. These particles even seem to travel from point A to point B without crossing the distance in-between. But how does this relate to healing?

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