The “New Age” Question

Some in the Christian community consider holistic healing off limits.  This is largely because many developers of these tools have come from a “new age” perspective. But the tools themselves are effective because God made them to be. What’s the difference between Splankna and those new age perspectives?  That’s a very important question…

From the furthest cosmos to the smallest sub-atomic particle, new age thinking teaches that “all is one.” Formally, this is called “Monism” (from “mono” meaning one). It is the belief that there is no separateness in the universe, not only between people, but between everything that exists.  All things are thought to be part of one, whole “energy” or “universal force.” Because of this misconception, the secular psych community often refers to these tools as “energy psychology.”

Following logically from monism is the denial that evil exists, and the comfortable assumption that all is “divine.” If this “energy” permeates all things, it must BE god they say… and therefore the rock is god, the tree is god, and most importantly, the individual is god.    This is the critical lie of new age thinking… the same one we started with in the garden.

New age thinkers have attempted to capitalize on the findings of quantum physics to “prove” that the individual is divine and that every person unilaterally “creates” or “manifests” everything that happens in their life. They take the observation that our intention changes the particles, and they jump to the assumption that we have total control… that every time you stub your toe, you “manifested” it from your subconscious expectations. The logic then follows that if you became more aware, more enlightened, you could “manifest” whatever you wanted in life.  It says that the individual is sovereign and not God because God doesn’t exist distinctly from people, just as a “divine expression” in each individual.  The basic problem with the new age perspective is that it denies the separateness, the hierarchy and the sovereignty of God. New age monism claims that all is “one” and that the energy IS God… and therefore so is the individual.

That simple postulate of “oneness” undercuts the entire Christian worldview. If all is “one,” there can be no Lordship, no worship, no sin or salvation. The truth in new age is this: at the sub-atomic level, we really are meaningful players in the universe.  We have been given the profound privilege and responsibility of being partners with God.  But at the same time, God remains distinct from us, hierarchically above us and sovereign alone.

Remember, our intention affects the particles. Every thought we think, everything we feel, feeds into the quantum field around us. We are not mere pawns under the sovereignty of God. We have been given much more responsibility and privilege than that. He longs for relationship; for partnership. But in order to utilize mind-body psychology tools and stay within spiritual boundaries, we must hold fast to the separateness, the hierarchy and the sovereignty of God. He is separate from me and He is above me. No matter how much effect I am afforded, he remains LORD. There is no amount of “positive intention” that can completely control my life. I am a meaningful contributor but I am not God.

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