Why work to bring Energy Psychology back into the Kingdom? Why fight for the redemption of energy or anything else?

First, because inherently, without the enemy’s twist, everything belongs to God and he called it all “good.” Because he has a million beautiful secrets in his creation and a million powerful modes of healing and this is one of them. It’s worth redeeming Energy Psychology because of Emily, who suffered for 9 years with debilitating fibromyalgia and has now been pain free for 3 years. Because of Jack, whose obsessive-compulsive disorder was so severe, it took him an hour to leave his house in the morning and 2 hours to get to bed each night, but who has nearly forgotten what that was like after 5 years of freedom. Because of Renee who was able to overcome years of painful infertility by getting to the root of her fears of mothering and now enjoys two beautiful blessings from God. Because of Jerrod who fought with everything he could to deny a deep attraction to other men and now reports that he no longer has the slightest pull. You know a thing by its fruit.
plankna Therapy Why Redeem Energy Psychology

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