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Splankna AACC Lecture

Splankna AACC Lecture

Listen to our basic presentation of the Splankna protocol of Christian Energy healing. The presentation addresses the theological questions and justifications.

Testimonials & Reviews

Unleash everyones’ true potential to walk with God.

“I am a physician and stopped practicing complementary medicine. Because I had seen countless patients succumb to various psychoemotional/spiritual issues that were beyond their conscious control thus derailing their healing process. I was in se...

I feel so blessed and overjoyed but mostly grateful, truly, truly grateful!!!”

“The training was so beneficial for me on so many levels. Being a flower essence practioner for Jesus is an uphill battle in that field. I unfortunately got some of the new age philosophy mixed in even though I was trying to be reeeeally careful...

I’m excited for more opportunities to come.

“I use Splankna almost daily and often several times a day. People have been entirely receptive to it and have been catapulted forward in their healing because of this work. I have had some wonderful opportunities in rare situations since Novemb...

Shelley Lopez, LMFT, LPC
This training was excellent.

“This training was excellent. Your thorough research and knowledge of the subject matter was exceptional. Yet even more valuable was your biblically based insight into the realm of New Age and quantum physics, as well as how to steward the Splan...

Barbara Morrish
I just wanted to tell you how excited I am with this new tool!

“I just wanted to tell you how excited I am with this new tool! I have already used it with one client and a very close friend. Both times I totally fumbled through the process and it didn’t even matter! God is so good. With both people the li...

Laura Cravens
God’s gracious work through this tool is a blessing beyond description...

“I wanted to update you on my splankna activity. I recently changed jobs here and I am now the Director of Residential Homes. This position allows me access to all residents, and although counseling is not a directed part of my job description, ...

J. Craig
Shock & awe!

“Denise & I have been using this protocol all week and are in shock & awe!!!”

It is truly miraculous!!

“I just want to pass on that as I continue to become more experienced in splankna,it continues to absolutely amaze me how God uses it to bring healing! It is truly miraculous!! “

Sheila Myers
I love watching Jesus perform miracles in front of my eyes!!

“A 15 year old came to me with a diagnosis of Conversion Disorder. She couldn’t walk and her upper body and arms were shaking. Her mother had to practically carry her. We did Splankna and for her second session, she walked into the counseling ...

Chris C.
This training has been invaluable.

“I am a Licensed Professional Counselor at NCMC Behavioral Health in Greeley. I have taken both Splankna classes and they have helped me immensely in my work as a counselor. The education has helped in treating clients with a wide range of DSM d...

Laura Grotenhuis, LPC, MS, Ed.

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