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  • Revoking Lies

    Years ago when I was disciplining my son, he said, “I know you hate me and think I’m stupid.” In the moment, I thought he was just being dramatic. Then I noticed a pattern over the next couple weeks. Every time my husband or I disciplined him he would repeat that same sentence. One day as he was stomping up the stairs and repeating that same phrase. I stopped him mid-way up the stairs and […]

  • Let’s Talk Witchcraft

    All things belong to the Lord. He’s clear about that. And inside of that reality, he still gives limitations. Scripture condemns witchcraft for instance, and yet there are times in biblical history where God’s people are commanded to do things that would seem to the modern reader to be very “witchcrafty.” For instance, God instructs his people at one point to look at a statue of a snake on a stick in order to be […]

  • Highlights from our China trip

    The way this trip came about was completely miraculous. A prayer that revealed the meaning behind a recurring dream to an invitation in less then 3 months, followed by receiving the funds in 2 days to a trip within a few weeks. Amazing how God works. We could not deny this trip was the plan of the Lord; his hand was all over it. The timing was a little rough. Sarah and I had been […]